Using SSD5.5 and Trigger 2 with Apple M1 chips

Currently, we do not have Apple native M1 support for SSD5.5 and Trigger 2. M1 users will have two options for workarounds:

1. Most DAW's (Logic Pro X, Reaper, Studio One, Ableton Live) can use the       AUHostingCompatibilityService which will automatically convert Trigger and SSD to work when running your DAW natively. 

2. User's can also run their DAW in Rosetta Mode. 

NOTE: Pro Tools and Cubase users will only have the option to run their DAW in Rosetta mode as These DAW's aren't compatible with AU plugin formats.


Running DAW's in Rosetta mode

In order to run your DAW in Rosetta mode, first go to your 'Applications' folder. You can easily pull up your "Applications" by going to Finder, then hitting "⌘+SHIFT+A". 

Next, locate and highlight your DAW. Then, right-click on the application and select "get more info" or hit "⌘+I" to bring up an extensive list of information for that DAW. 



Make sure to check the "Open using Rosetta" setting in the pop-up window. 



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