How to install SSD5.5 Free on Mac OS

In this article, users will learn to install SSD5.5 Free on Mac OS with the new Slate Audio Center.  


-Go to Select the "PRODUCTS" tab, then scroll down to SSD5 Free. Then click "TRY SSD5.5 FREE NOW".  

-This will take users to the SSD5 Free Registration Page. Screen_Shot_2020-02-12_at_2.56.24_PM.png

-Once you have entered your information, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Note: If users cannot find emails in inbox, check spam folders. 


1. Download the Slate Audio Center 2.0.21 from the link in the confirmation email you received.

FREE_Email_MAC.png Tentative picture

2. Double click on the Slate Audio Center app.
-Drag the application into the "Applications" folder

3. Open Slate Audio Center from your "Applications" folder. Then log in with your email and the password from the registration email. 


-With the "SSD 5.5" button selected  click "INSTALL" next to "Steven Slate Drums 5 Free Sampler". This will install the SSD5.5 Plugin file, and the SSD Free library (which contains files for all of the instruments, and included kit presets).  



On the next page there will be two prompts that can be checked, by clicking the circle. New users will need to make sure the top prompt is checked (so the SSD 5.5 Plugin file installs), as well as the bottom prompt. After checking both prompts, hit the "Select" button, to select the destination for your SSD5 Library folder.   



 -Destination will decide the location where your samples are installed. 
Note: The samples can be installed on your internal hard drive or an external hard drive
Note: Do NOT select system folders such as Library or System.                                                                               
Note: We do NOT Recommend the downloads or desktop folders, as the library can be moved or deleted easily here. We recommend the documents folder. Make sure your base directory folder is not linked to Cloud Storage. Cloud

-After selecting the destination for Library, hit install to start the installation process. When the process is done, you will get the message "Successfully installed". 





Select Base Directory

-The base directory should already be selected when you open SSD5.5 for the first time. If your library is empty, do the following:
- Click the "Settings"  tab, then hit "Select Base Dir" and navigate to your SSD5Library folder.  SETTINGS_PAGE_5.5.png

IMPORTANT: The path must END in "/SSD5Library" as shown in the image above. Special characters and certain international symbols are not allowed.                                                                                                                                      - Next, go to "Construct Kit" and click the Refresh button to populate the plugin library. 

  Refresh.png                                                                                                                                                                                   NOTE: The license file referred to in the settings page is only for the expansions. SSD5 Free CANNOT use expansion packs.                                                                                                                                                                         

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