How to install SSD 5.5 Expansion Libraries with Slate Audio Center

NOTE: The SSD5.5 expansions will NOT work with SSD5.5 FREE, only the full version.        

-The SSD5.5 expansions can be purchased from Go to the "Products" tab and then scroll down to "expansions". 


-Upon purchasing an expansion, users will receive two emails:

  1. Order Confirmation and Receipt 
  2. Slate Registration Info and Product Passcode

Note: If users cannot find emails in inbox, check spam folders. 

-Register the passcode at the link given in the registration email. Make sure to enter the same email you used to register SSD5/other Steven Slate products to keep all of your products consolidated. 


-Users will receive a confirmation email for their expansion. 


-Open the Slate Audio Center application, and log in with the credentials to your slate user account.

-Click on the "Expansions" button on the left, and you will see any expansions registered to your account. Next to each expansion is an "install" button, click it to begin installation. 

Note: If the purchased expansions do not appear, double check that your are logging in with the same email/account that you used to register your expansion. 


-The install path will automatically set to the SSD5 Library folder. Make sure the install location has the available memory as stated in System requirements. Hit install again, then wait until the installation finishes, and you receive the prompt "Successfully Installed". 


-This step should also automatically Install and link the license in the settings page. If you open up the settings page in SSD 5.5 and don't see that the license has been linked, click "Select License File" to manually link your license.


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