Multi Output in Logic Pro X with SSD5

Instantiate the "Multi-Output" version of SSD5 on an Instrument Track and make new Audio tracks for each instrument or group that you'd like printed.

For example:

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • HH
  • Toms
  • OH
  • Room

Click on the "+" button on the track that SSD5 is on in the Logic Pro mixer for the amount of individual tracks you'll need for each track

  • These are the aux tracks in which your drums will be routed through


Set the Output for your tracks in SSD5 to the appropriate track in the SSD5 Mixer. 

  • In this example, all Kick samples will be routed to "out 2 st", the snare will be routed to "out 3 st", etc

To print the tracks you'll need to set the outputs of each of the aux tracks to separate buses (Bus 1, Bus 2, Bus 3, etc)

  • Set the input of the audio tracks to the corresponding buses

Record enable the Audio tracks that you created and hit record in Logic

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