MIDI Mapping in SSD5


Mapping Section

  • Kit Mapping: Shows the actual samples that are triggered by the MIDI Note
  • Input Converter: Converts one MIDI note to another before it reaches SSD5
    • Use multiple profiles for different MIDI controllers (eg: MIDI Keyboards, Electronic Drum Kits, Drum Pads, etc)

Hold Control and drag the note from the right hand side column, to left hand column

  • This allows triggering multiple samples from the same keystroke

Change the MIDI CC for things such as E-Kit foot pedals  



"Save" and "Load" custom or preset maps

  • Located in the bottom right corner of SSD5
  • If you're using mapping for an E-Kit, make sure to check some preinstalled kit maps

Use "Set as Default" to save the current mapping as the default map that will open when you load SSD5

  • If you'd like to reset to the factory default, you can click the "Factory Reset" button in the bottom left corner     
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