SSD5 Full Win Installation


Download the following from your Slate User Account

-SSD5 Full Sampler Win
-Slate Pack 1-8
-SSD Install Manager Win

Double click on the SSD5 Full Installer
-Click "Finish" when the installer has finished.

Double click on the SSD Install Manager
-Follow on screen prompts and click "Finish" when the installation has finished. 

Open SSD Install Manager from your "Desktop" or check on "Run Steven Slate Drums IM" (from the install) and click "INSTALL" on the Steven Slate Drums 5 Full Library
-Select the location path in which your Slate Pack files were downloaded
Note: This location is most likely your "Downloads" folder
-Select the location destination in which you'd like your samples to be installed
Note: The samples can be installed on your internal hard drive or an external hard drive
Note: Do NOT select system folders such as Program Data or hidden folder.

Click "Install Product", and click "Finish" after the progress bar is full

To register your iLok License, open the email that you received when you purchased SSD5

Select the License Code and copy the code
Note: The format of the code will look like this: (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX)

Open the iLok License Manager
Note: If you have not downloaded the iLok License Manager, you can download it here:!license-manager

Sign into your iLok account,
-If you do not yet have an iLok account, you'll need to create a new account

Click on Redeem an Activation Code button in the top left corner 1.png

Paste the code that you copied from your email and click "Next"
-Click "Redeem"

Click your User Name in the top left corner
-Drag SSD5 license from the "Available" tab, to your Machine or your iLok

Select Base Directory

- When loading an instance of SSD5 for the very first time, the plugin window will be empty. You will need to select the "Base Directory" in order to link the library to the plugin. The Base Directory is your SSD5Library folder. 
- In order to select the "Base Directory", click "Settings" and navigate to your SSD5Library folder. 

IMPORTANT: The path must end in "/SSD5Library" as shown in the image above. Special characters and certain international symbols are not allowed. 
- Next, go to "Construct Kit" and click the Refresh button to populate the plugin library.2.png

Select License File

- In SSD5, license files are only used for expansion libraries (such as Terry Date, CLA, Blackbird, and David Bendeth). It is recommended to keep your license file in your SSD5Library folder with the rest of your library assets. 
- To select a License File for an expansion, go to "Settings" and click "Select License File". Navigate to the license file and click "open". Next go to "Construct Kit" and hit the Refresh button. 3.png

SSD5 now is ready to use!

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