SSD4 Expansion Pack Installation (CLA, Terry Date, etc...)

Please view the video above, or follow the instructions below:


After imputing your email, name, and passcode/Lic# you will be taken to the download directory.

First you will need to download your License File displayed in yellow. You are granted two License downloads with the purchase of each expansion.


Next follow instructions below:

1. Download the following files from your Slate User Account: -

•    CLA Library Part 1
•    CLA Library Part 2
•    CLA Presets
•    CLA Grooves

2. Unpack rar’s using WinRar/7zip (Windows) or UnRarX  (Mac OSX); selecting the first part, which will extract subsequent part 2.

Download UnRarX (Mac OSX)

Download WinRAR (Windows)


3. Place extracted files/folders thus…

•    “Chris Lord-Alge.lib” in your /SSD4Library/DrumLibraryData folder. 
•    “Stuart Hudson.lib” in your /SSD4Library/Grooves folder.
•    “CLA Presets.lib” in your /SSD4Library/DrumKitPresets folder.
•    “ssd_CLA_****_****.slc” license file in your /SSD4Library folder. 


4. Launch your DAW and instantiate/insert SSD Sampler on a stereo instrument track.

5. Open SSD Sampler’s Settings page, click the Select License file button and choose your “ssd_CLA_****_****.slc” license file in your /SSD4Library folder.


6. Once set, go to the Construct Kit page, select "Inst." and click the “Refresh” (circular arrow) button to refresh the browser. Do the same for the "Kits" tab.



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