SSD5 Expansion Library Installation

Download the following from your Slate User Account:
-All Slate Pack files
-License File
Note: Be sure you've fully installed SSD5 sampler and SSD Installer Manager. (These can be download from the Steven Slate Drums 5 page in your user account)

Open the "Steven Slate Drums IM" application
-Click "INSTALL" on the expansion library that you're installing
-Select the location path in which your Slate Pack file was downloaded. (These are commonly located in the "Downloads" folder)
-Select the location destination in which you'd like your samples to be installed.
Note: This location needs to be the same location in which your Full Library samples are located
-Click "Install Product", then "FINISH" when the installation is done

Open SSD5Sampler in your DAW
-Select the "Settings" tab and click on "Select License File"
-Navigate to the location that your license file is located
-Go to "Construct Kit" and hit the Refresh button. Screen_Shot_2018-10-24_at_10.44.42_AM.png

Note: It is recommend to keep the SLC Expansion License in your SSD5Library folder.

You are now ready to use your SSD5 expansion!

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