How To Install Trigger 2 on Windows

Trigger 2 Installation:

1) Click one of the following registration links below:

Register Trigger 2 Platinum
Register Trigger 2 EX

2) Upon entering the product downloads page, start by downloading the Library Parts

Trigger 2 Presets (Platinum Only)
Trigger 2 Deluxe
Trigger 2 Kicks
Trigger 2 Snares
Trigger 2 Toms

3) Once they are finished downloading, go to your downloads folder and unzip all library parts. 

4) Create a new folder by pressing "Shift" + "Control" + "N" on your keyboard. Name the folder "Trigger Instruments"

5) Drag the folders "Trigger 2 Presets, Trigger 2 Deluxe, Trigger 2 Kicks, Trigger 2 Snares, and Trigger 2 Toms, to the newly created "Trigger Instruments folder. 

6) Retrieve your Trigger "iLok Activation Code" from your email. The email should look like this:


7) Open Trigger 2 (within your DAW) and click on "Settings". Then click "Select Base Dir". Navigate to the "Trigger 2 Instruments" folder and click open
• Go to the "Browser" and click the "refresh" button. If you have additional questions, please submit a support ticket here

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