SSD5 Free Mac Installation


Download the following from the SSD5 Free Page found in
-SSD5 Free Sampler Mac
-Slate Pack 1 & 2
-SSD Install Manager Mac 

Double click on the SSD5 Free Installer
-Click "Finish" when the installer has finished.

Double click on the SSD Install Manager
-Drag Steven Slate Install Manager into the "Applications" folder.

Open SSD Install Manager from your "Applications" folder and click "INSTALL" on the Steven Slate Drums 5 Free Library
-Select the location path in which your Slate Pack file was downloaded.
-Select the location destination in which you'd like your samples to be installed.
Note: Your sample library can be installed on either an internal hard drive, or an external hard drive.

Click "Install Product", then "FINISH" when the installation is done

Select Base Directory

- When loading an instance of SSD5 for the very first time, the plugin window will be empty. You will need to select the "Base Directory" in order to link the library to the plugin. The Base Directory is your SSD5Library folder. 
- In order to select the "Base Directory", click "Settings" and navigate to your SSD5Library folder. 

IMPORTANT: The path must end in "/SSD5Library" as shown in the image above. Special characters and certain international symbols are not allowed. 
- Next, go to "Construct Kit" and click the Refresh button to populate the plugin library.Screen_Shot_2018-10-24_at_10.44.42_AM.png


SSD5 is ready to rock!

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