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SSD5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm looking to upgrade from SSD4 to SSD5 but I'm not sure which version of SSD4 I have. How do I determine this? 
A: Please view the following support article: Which version of SSD4 do I have? 

Q: I own SSD4 Platinum, where do I go to purchase an upgrade to SSD5? 
A: Upgrade pricing can be found on the following page: 

Q: When I install SSD5, what will happen to SSD4? Will my settings be retained?
A: SSD5 does not replace SSD4. Both plugins will be available in your DAW as separate plugins with independent libraries. 

Q: I own several SSD4 Expansions. Will I be able to use these in SSD5? How do I download the expansions I own for SSD5?   
A: After registering SSD5 to your account, your SSD4 Expansions will automatically be upgraded to the SSD5 versions. You will need to download the SSD5 versions of the expansions along with the new SSD5 Expansion License File in your Slate User Account

Q: How do I install Expansions for SSD5? 
A: Please view the installation video for SSD5 expansions here: 

Q: As an SSD4 owner, I purchased an upgrade to SSD5 and experienced an issue when trying to register my passcode. What can I do? 
A: When registering your upgrade passcode, please make sure you are registering on the correct webpage as there are unique registration pages for each upgrade type ("SSD4 EX to SSD5" and "SSD4 Platinum to SSD5"). Lastly, please make sure you are using the same email that was used to register your SSD4 purchase. If you're unsure of this, please contact support for assistance.  

Q: What's new in SSD5?
A: Please view the Overview here: 

Q: I just purchased SSD5. What do I install first?
A: Please be sure to view the installation videos here: 

     - Installing SSD5 on macOS: 
     - Installing SSD5 on Windows: 

Q: Does SSD5 use iLok? 
A: A physical iLok USB dongle is not required to use the plugin. An iLok ID is required. If you do not have an iLok ID, please make one here:!registration 

SSD5 can be activated to an iLok 2 or 3 dongle or Machine (computer) within the iLok License Manager app. 

Q: How many license activations do I get with SSD5? 
A: Three iLok Licenses are provided with the purchase of SSD5. 

Q: I own SSD4-Custom, is there an upgrade path for me? 
A: SSD4-Custom owners will need to purchase SSD5 at full price. 

Q: I own SSD 3.5, is there an upgrade path for me? 
A: SSD 3.5 owners will need to purchase SSD5 at full price. 

Q: Will my SSD4 user preset kits load in SSD5? 
A: SSD4 user kits and presets cannot be used in SSD5. 

Q: Will the SSD5 Library be available for Trigger 2? 
A: Yes, we will be releasing an expansion for Trigger 2. 

Q: Can SSD5 be activated with iLok Cloud? 
A: Currently no. We're looking into this for future updates. 

Q: What is a ".slatepack"? 
A: This a proprietary compressed format that can only be extracted via the Steven Slate Drums Install Manager. Please be sure to view the Knowledge Base for instructions. 

Q: Where should the SSD5 Library be saved?
A: We recommend Documents (Local) or an external hard drive. License files (for expansions) should be stored within your SSD5Library folder. 

Q: How many GBs is SSD5?
A:  Around 15GB

Q: What is the Steven Slate Drums IM?
A: This is a tool to assist you with installing your plugin libraries. 

Q: Can I use expansions in SSD5 Free? 
A: No. Expansions can not be used in SSD5 Free. 

Q: Where can I download SSD5 Free? 

Q: Can I utilize SSD4 libraries within SSD5 full?
A: SSD4 library samples have been re reformatted for SSD5 and are included in the purchase.

Q: If I upgrade to SSD5 do I have to surrender my SSD4 license? 
A: No. We do not require a license surrender for "SSD4 EX to SSD5" or "SSD4 Platinum to SSD5" upgrades. 

Q: Is SSD5 available in 32bit? 
A: No. Please view a list of supported DAWs here: 



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