Memory Low Error

If you are experiencing the "Memory Low" error when loading Drum Kit Presets or individual drum instruments, this is most likely due to a corrupt or incomplete Library download.


Please you will need to delete the current Library content within your SSD4Library Folder with the exception of your License Files (.slc file) and re-download the Platinum Library. This will be available within your account:


Please download ONE Library Part at-a-time and ensure you have a stable internet connection. Our support team recommends an Ethernet cable to prevent potential drop-outs. Once downloaded, use UnrarX (Mac) or WinRAR (PC) to extract the Library.

NOTE: You will only need to extract Library Part 1. The rest of the Library Parts will extract automatically after doing so.

Here is a link to the rest of our SSD4 Knowledge Base: SSD4 Knowledge Base


If issues persist, please submit a support ticket here

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