How To Use Suppression

Trigger 2 has the unique functionality to be set in a way that it can automatically be instructed to NOT trigger certain leakages on a drum track using it’s Leakage Suppression mode. Using Leakage Suppression technology, you can trigger a drum track with 100% accuracy, even if it has a lot of bleed from other drum tracks. 
To use the Leakage Suppression, first create a stereo group or aux track in your workstation and instantiate TRIGGER 2 on the first insert. Using aux sends, route the drum track that you wish to replace/augment to the LEFT channel of this new group track (in some workstations this can be done via panning the original track. Consult your host’s user manual for further instruction). 
Before we go further, let’s assume that we are triggering from a snare drum and it has both bass drum and hi hat leakage. Assuming you have individual bass drum and hi hat tracks, use the aux sends on these tracks and send them to the RIGHT side of the TRIGGER 2 stereo group channel. So now we have the snare drum track being sent to the LEFT side of the TRIGGER 2 group, and both the bass drum and hi hat tracks being sent to the RIGHT side of the TRIGGER 2 group. Now find a section of the mix where there is a lot of bass drum and hi hat leakage on the snare drum track. Adjust the Suppression control in the left portion of the display and TRIGGER 2 starts to ONLY trigger the snare drum hits, while suppressing bleed from other drums. It should look like this:

Blue is the original track. Red is the leakage suppressed on the original track.
Note: Red waveform peaks should be a bit higher than the leakage peaks. If the red waveform peaks are too high, you need to decrease the Suppression value. If you are using several tracks for Leakage Suppression (lets say that it’s a kick drum and toms) and the red peaks of kick drum track are good (a bit higher than the kick drum leakage peaks), but red peaks of the toms track are much higher than the toms leakage peaks, you need to decrease the volume of the toms track which you’re routing into TRIGGER 2’s right channel.
When you use the Leakage Suppression you can set the Detail control to very low values. However, do not set it to 0.00, because TRIGGER 2 can start triggering noise from the original audio. Set the Detail depending on the tracking noise level when you are using Leakage Suppression.
* Here's a tip... If you nudge your tracks with the bleed for suppression, the detection will follow the bleeds earlier or later. So, you can fine tune suppression tracking to get it precise.

Trigger Leakage Suppression tutorials can be found here:

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