SSD4 Installation (Mac)

Upon registering your Passcode/Lic number you will be taken to the User/Download page for SSD4. It may seem intimidating at first but keep in mind it is broken up into 3 main sections as illustrated below:

UPDATEAU, VST, RTAS, and AAX installers are no longer separated. Please use SSD4 1.1.0 in order to install the latest SSD4 version.

You may notice your License Download at the top of the page is "still generating". Let's continue on with the next few steps while we wait for it to complete.

After downloading the SSD4 1.1.0 Mac installer you can begin to download all 5 Library parts. Please be sure to download ONE-AT-A-TIME to avoid incomplete downloads.

Note: If you own Custom or EX you may notice less Library Parts.

Lastly, refresh the page and click to download 1 of your License Files. Notice you have 2 available at the top of the page. Chose to SAVE your License as illustrated below:


Note: You will not be able to open the License File as it is meant only to be selected within the SSD Sampler.

Next, you will need to download UnRARX (click to download) in order to extract the Library content.

 Afterwards, locate your downloads folder. You should see 5 Library Parts (Platinum), a License File, and a Setup Installer as shown in the image below.

The next step is to click-and-drag all SSD4 contents onto the desktop so that we can begin the extraction process. This will look something like this-->

Now, locate the first Library part by hovering your cursor over each Library Part. Right click Part 1 and select "Open With" --> "UnrarX". This will begin extracting all 5 Library Parts. DO NOT EXTRACT THEM ONE AT A TIME. It will not work this way.

After the Library Parts have extracted you will find the complete Library in the SSD4Library Folder. You will need to drag the SLC License File into the SSD4Library folder by clicking and dragging.


Now, move the SSD4Library folder to a more stable location such as your Documents folder or an external hard drive.

Now it is time to install the SSD Sampler! Locate the installer and choose to run it.

Note: Make sure your DAW is closed while doing this!

Most DAWs have a "Plugin Manager" where you can verify the plugin is installed and has been successfully validated. Below I have posted an example of Logic X-->

Now it is time to launch your DAW and insert SSD4 on a Stereo Virtual Instrument (Software) Track. When opening SSD for the first time you will receive multiple warnings regarding a missing License File. Click okay to move forward.

Upon loading the SSDSampler for the first time you will notice it is completely blank. Go to settings in order to select the "Base Directory" and License File.

To select the Base Directory you will need to locate your SSD4Library folder and select open. Notice in the picture that the SSD4Library is listed last. This is how yours should look! You will get another error message after selecting the Base Directory. Click okay to continue.

After selecting the Library you will need to select the License. This is the SLC File that has your email address in the title. After selecting the License File you will need to go to to "Construct Kit" and hit the Refresh button (show in picture) in order for the Library to appear. 

Now you should be all set! Thank you for reading.  


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